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American Correctional Association 2014 Summer Conference Sustainability Workshops

Please join us for five key Sustainability Workshops at the
American Correctional Association 2014 Summer Conference

at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

August 15 through 20.

Solar America Solutions’ technical and marketing staff will be joining hundreds of corrections administrators at the summer session of the American Corrections Association’s annual summer conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this year.  We will be exhibiting in a special section of the Exhibit Hall called “Green Aisle” where we will be joined by eleven other vendors who are specifically involved in the sustainability industry.  We will also be participating in five sustainability workshops and will be available to answer any questions you may have about the company’s groundbreaking solar thermal collector, the SunQuest 250 and the hot water and space heating solutions it offers in correction facilities, during or after those conferences or at our booth during the exposition hours. If you would like to set up a private meeting time to discuss your facility’s specific solar thermal possibilities, please contact Charlie Slavik at 317-833-9961 in advance of, or during the conference. Here’s an agenda of the five sustainability workshops. (Note the two workshops on Tuesday both relate to Solar America Solutions projects – one in Ohio and one in Indiana).

Saturday 8:00 AM

A-1E  A Systemic Approach to Sustainability  –  Room 251-C


Sunday 2:30 PM

B-4H  Bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Into Prisons Through the “Sustainability In Prison” Project  –  Room 250-C


Monday 4:15 PM

C-2H  How to Save $1,000 per Inmate by Implementing ACA’s “Clean and Green Policy” – Room 251-D


Tuesday 1:00 PM

D-2E  Roots of Success:  Conserving Resources and Reducing Facility Costs with Environmental Literacy for Inmates – Room 251-C


Tuesday 3:00 PM

D-3E  The Indiana Approach to Evaluating Efficiency of Solar Technologies in the Correctional Setting – Room 250-A


Clean and Green Committee Meeting from 1:30 – 3:30 PM on Saturday, Room 151-G, Level 1

Reducing Energy Consumption with Solar Thermal Collectors

Last fall Solar America Solutions embarked on a pilot program in partnership with the Indiana Department of Corrections to reduce the energy consumption at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility using solar thermal collectors. The Carlisle, Indiana facility was fitted with 15 SunQuest 250 collectors to be used to provide heat and hot water to a brand-new cellblock.

The results of the pilot program were to be compared with traditional energy usage with the intent of utilizing the SunQuest 250 system on the remaining cellblocks and possibly several other building at the facility. The project at Wabash Valley is just one example of how Solar America Solutions is putting its technology to work in real life applications.

Based on December’s results, Wabash Valley Correctional Facility will be able to reduce its gas energy consumption by more than 50%. That represents a huge savings not only to the Department of Corrections, but also for the taxpayers at large. That can’t be a bad thing.

The Secret to the SunQuest 250

For generations, American companies and researchers have been developing a variety of ways to use solar thermal energy (heat) as a supplement to more traditional energy sources. However, we have never been able to use solar heat on a large-scale basis due to fundamental limitations of traditional technology. The SunQuest 250 changes all that by altering the way the sun’s energy is harnessed.

Rather than using traditional infrared principles, Solar America’s SunQuest 250 employs an evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel powered by ultraviolet rays; herein is the first advantage. Since ultraviolet rays penetrate cloud cover, and are not affected by ambient temperatures, the system works even on cold and cloudy days. There is no longer a need for bright sunshine to achieve productive solar energy.

The other secret to the success of the SunQuest 250 system are the evacuated tubes. When the sun’s UV rays penetrate the dark film inside the vacuum tubes, heat (and lots of it) is generated by friction.  That heat is sent to the collector’s header where it is passed on to a circulating transfer fluid that delivers the heat to a highly insulated thermal storage tank. The vacuum environment in the tubes prevents heat transfer loss for an extremely efficient and productive result.

Eight Powerful System

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the SunQuest 250 system is its raw power. Just a single evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel is capable of generating tremendous amount of heat energy. But the scalable system allows additional panels to be added for almost limitless potential.

Today it is the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility; tomorrow the system could be deployed on vast college campuses, large-scale government facilities, and even commercial power generation plants. Solar thermal principles take electrical and heat generation to the next level on a scale that was unthinkable just two decades ago, and Solar America Solutions is concentrating its development efforts on large-scale application using free heat from the sun!

Solar America Solutions is thrilled to be able to offer the SunQuest 250 system to government agencies, hospitals, schools, and manufacturers. We believe the technology behind solar thermal collectors is the next great leap in solar energy. We are happy to lead the way into the future.