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Australian Farm Proves the Benefits of Solar

In southern Australia, dairy farming is an important part of the local economy. And just like their counterparts in other parts of the world, dairy farmers in the region are looking for cost-effective ways to meet their hot water needs while still maintaining an emphasis on sustainability and protecting the environment.

Earlier this year, dairy farmers Doug and Lyn Crosby found just the system they were looking for. It is an evacuated tube solar collection system tied to a heat exchanger to provide all the hot water needed to clean their dairy equipment.

The Crosby’s installed the system in hopes that it could save them at least a little bit on their monthly energy bills. They were astounded to discover it actually saved them an incredible 72%. At that rate, expect the solar thermal collection system to pay for itself within 2.5 years.

How it Works

The system installed by the Crosby’s is remarkably similar to Solar America Solutions’ SunQuest 250 system. It utilizes a solar thermal collector panel mounted on the roof of the farm’s main barn. The collector panel is made up of 32 evacuated tubes employing an absorption material that collects energy from the sun.

The heat from that absorption material is sent into a heat pipe and then circulated through a heat transfer liquid. The liquid runs directly to a heat exchanger, which heats the water needed by the farming operation. The entire system is incredibly efficient.

The two most important aspects to note about evacuated tube solar collectors are:

  • Absorption Material – Evacuated tube solar collectors like the SunQuest 250 are superior to their flat plate cousins because of the absorption material used, the lack of heat loss back into the atmosphere, and their efficiency in using the sun’s UV rays instead of its infrared rays. And because ultraviolet rays penetrate cloud cover and are not impacted by the outside temperature, direct sunlight is not needed.
  • Vacuum Principal – Solar thermal collector tubes from Solar America Solutions are designed as dual-tube systems. In between the two tubes, we create a vacuum for maximum efficiency. This vacuum virtually eliminates heat loss back into the atmosphere, a key factor in their 94% efficiency.

Scalable Solutions

The SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector panel is ideal for commercial applications because of the massive amounts of heat they generate. Because our system is fully scalable, larger buildings and manufacturing processes can benefit from Solar America Solutions products.

Just last year we installed a three-panel system at a poultry farm in Ohio. The owners of the farm wanted it to replace aging boilers and supplement heat for the hot water they needed for their egg washing operation. Not only did the system supply all of their hot water needs, it proved so efficient the farm is adding a second system when they expanded later this year.

Evacuated tube solar collectors are the perfect solution for hot water and space heat in just about any environment. Solar America Solutions is proud to be part of this exciting industry; we would love to show how we could help you.

Colorado Homeowner Takes Solar to the Next Level

If you ever find yourself driving through beautiful Colorado Springs, and you get a good view of Pikes Peak, take a look around for a massive 5,500-ft.² home sitting alone atop a hill. That home is the creation of a man who purchased the vacant land more than 36 years ago.

There’s more to this outstanding home than just its large footprint. Its claim to fame is the solar collection system that provides heat and hot water for the entire property. But even more amazing is the scale of those requirements.

The home’s evacuated tube solar collectors provide:

– Space heat for each of the 17 heating zones
– Domestic hot water throughout the home
– Hot water for the property’s hot tub
– Heated water for a complete koi pond system including several ponds, gardens, and both storage & quarantine tanks for the fish.

An overhead shot of the property reveals 10 evacuated tube solar collector panels, mounted mostly on the home’s roof. Two of the panels are wall mounted. Inside the home is a water storage tank with the capacity in excess of 650 gallons. Between the solar thermal collectors and the associated peripheral equipment, this system more than meets the space heat and hot water requirements of the sprawling estate.

Solar Panels

Solar America Solutions SunQuest 250

Solar America Solutions designs and manufactures evacuated tube solar collectors similar to the ones used in the Colorado Springs home. Our third-generation technology can provide more than 50% of your hot water and space heating needs with up to 94% efficiency. You will not get that sort of efficiency with any other solar collection system on the market today.

How do we do it? By taking advantage of the vacuum principle to eliminate virtually all heat loss. That means the heat generated by our solar thermal collector tubes goes directly to a heat transfer liquid which is then delivered to the home’s heating and plumbing systems via traditional heat exchangers. Our system is not wasting the heat it collects by letting it dissipate back into the atmosphere.

Yes, It Works

There remains quite a bit of debate over whether or not evacuated tube solar collectors like those utilized by the SunQuest 250 are more efficient and cost-effective than flat-panel collectors. We are confident in saying they are. We have scores of commercial applications demonstrating that our technology works as advertised.

Some of our more high-profile projects include providing hot water for an Indianapolis college dormitory, providing radiant floor heating for an Ohio farm equipment dealer, and providing domestic hot water and space heat for an Indiana correctional facility.

Solar America Solutions’ evacuated tube solar collectors are an excellent option for large commercial buildings. However, they are also a cost-effective solution for residential applications. If you’re thinking of going solar for your space heat and hot water needs, please consider the SunQuest 250 system. Your system comes complete with our state-of-the-art evacuated tube solar collectors and any other additional equipment you might need for your application. Contact us to find a qualified Solar America Solutions dealer near you.