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Solar America Solutions manufactures the American made and US Patented
SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector, capable of producing up to 35,000 BTU’s per hour, and developing output temperatures of nearly 500 degrees F in stagnation. For more information about our company CLICK HERE

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Radiant energy from the sun is a renewable power source that has fueled the imagination of man for thousands of years. It is a renewable power source that resourceful minds have been attempting to harness in ways that could make it commercially viable and attractive to the business community. Unfortunately, most efforts to date have proven to only be marginally viable for commercial applications. Things are changing!

At Solar America Solutions, we have proven that the dream of past generations has finally become a reality. We have developed a highly efficient solar thermal collector that now makes it possible to produce affordable solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional hot water and space heat applications. What’s more, our solutions are capable of producing impressive amounts of thermal energy that pays for itself with the best ROI in the business.

Our solar thermal system relies on evacuated tube technology and the sun’s UV rays. The combination of the two can effectively produce tremendous amounts of heat that can be used for a number of purposes, without the need for direct sunlight or expensive tracking systems and is not limited by outside temperatures. Our solar thermal technology is now in use in scores of applications both here in the U.S. and internationally.

At the heart of Solar America Solutions’ core product line is our SunQuest 250 system. Our patent-pending solar thermal collector is capable of producing massive amounts of thermal energy with output temperature of over 400°. That heat can be used to keep your building warm, provide hot water for just about any application, drive a turbine that can produce electricity or power cooling systems, and on and on. With our solar thermal energy solutions, the possibilities are endless.

We invite you to take a look around our website to learn all you can about our solar thermal systems and find out how you can put this unprecedented source of energy to use. When you’re ready to talk further, please contact us and give us the opportunity to chat with you about how our systems can best benefit you. When you do, you will be well on your way to utilizing a very powerful renewable energy, saving money, and helping to protect the environment.