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Mounting Your Solar Panels

When people think about Solar America’s SunQuest 250 evacuated tube solar collectors, they think of them as being installed on the roof of a property. There is an obvious reason for this– most solar SunQuest 250 panels are installed on roofs! However, a rooftop is not the only place for a solar installation. Solar America products are as versatile as they are efficient and can be installed or retrofitted in a number of different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the ways solar panels can be mounted.

Solar Panel-Installation

Roof mounted solar systems
As we’ve already explained, roof installations are the most common place to find a SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector panel and choosing this type of mount allows you to make the most of space that would remain otherwise unused.
Installing solar panels on a rooftop will allow them to face the sun for long enough to provide sufficient energy for hot water and heating. There is also no worry of shade from trees or other properties blocking the sunlight.

Ground mounted solar systems
When there is enough usable space on the ground surrounding a building, a ground mount can be the ideal solution. Ground mounts are probably the easiest way to mount evacuated tube solar collectors, with a simple A-frame structure attached to concrete providing a solid and sturdy base. A ground mount system can be mounted to make the absolute most of the sun’s UV rays and harness the energy for maximum gains.

Pole top mounted systems
It is also possible to mount SunQuest 250 evacuated tube solar collectors on poles. This type of installation is straightforward and allows panels to remain away from potential damage that can be caused on the ground.

Solar panel placement
Regardless of what type of mount you choose for your solar panel installation, the placement can make an important difference in the amount of heat generated by the panels.
For more advice on Solar America’s SunQuest 250 evacuated tube solar collectors, and how to best mount your panels, contact us today by following this link.

Solar Power for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one that uses a lot of energy in order to provide all the comforts of home. A good portion of that energy is used for things like laundry, providing hot water to individual hotel rooms, and heating swimming pools. For companies that want to convert some of their energy consumption to green and sustainable technologies, the solar thermal collector panel is a good starting point.

Solar America manufacturers the nation’s leading evacuated tube solar thermal collector panel; a panel we’ve dubbed the SunQuest 250. Our advanced technology has made this panel the most efficient and productive collector panel of its kind.

SunQuest 250 by SolarAmerica Solutions

Uses for the Hospitality Industry

Our SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector panel is based on the idea of heating a liquid component that can be used for several purposes, rather than just generating straight electricity. This method of harnessing the sun’s ultraviolet rays offers the hospitality industry a number of options:

Laundry – The expenses associated with laundering linens and bedding materials put a serious dent in any hotel budget. However, a solar thermal collector panel system mounted on the roof of a hotel can change that dramatically. The energy harnessed by the panel can provide all the hot water needed to do laundry.

Space Heat – Despite what you might think, solar thermal technology is an excellent source of efficient space heat. Evacuated tubes can generate a hot liquid that can be forced through radiant floor or baseboard heating systems to provide space heat on any scale. Right now Solar America panels are doing just that at locations around the country.

Hot Water – Just as a solar thermal collector panel can provide space heat for building, it can also generate hot water for hotel showers and sinks. Imagine being able to provide your guests all the hot water they need without having to use external energy sources.

Scalable Solutions

The other thing to consider about systems like the SunQuest 250 is that they are scalable. Start with just a single panel or two to provide supplemental space heat or hot water. As your needs grow, you can add additional panels without any major modifications to the system.

The scalability of these types of systems make them ideal where expansion and growth are expected. As an example, we installed the SunQuest 250 system on a newly completed cellblock at an Indiana prison in late 2012. The results were so good that Solar America has been contracted by the Indiana prison system to equip the entire campus with our solar thermal collector panels. In case you’re curious, the pilot project saved the state corrections system 43% on their energy bills.

There’s no doubt the hospitality industry could benefit greatly from switching to solar power for their space heat and hot water needs. Most systems pay for themselves completely within 3 to 5 years through reduced utility bills. You cannot go wrong with the solar thermal collector panel from Solar America.