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Benefits of Choosing Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

These days, sustainability touches every part of our lives; everything from the cars we drive to the food we eat to the amount of energy we consume. For businesses and other large-scale enterprises, something that needs to be seriously considered is choosing solar thermal options for heating and water.

Solar thermal energy is distinctly different from solar electrical generation. Where solar electrical generation relies on photovoltaic cells to convert the sun’s rays directly into electrical current, solar thermal energy uses the sun to heat a liquid component, which can then be used for other purposes.

The two most common purposes are:

  • Space Heat – The hot liquid from solar thermal collector panels is forced through a heat exchanger or conventional liquid-based space heating system. The process of convection keeps the liquid flowing so that heating units remain active. Any excess heat can be stored for later use.
  • Hot Water – Solar thermal collector panels can also be used to provide hot water for cleaning, bathing, and so on. By connecting the system to a storage tank, water temperature is constantly maintained for greatest efficiency.

Solar Thermal Incentives

Solar America Solutions is now offering the SunQuest 250 system that includes solar thermal collector panels and the rest of the equipment necessary to harness and use the sun’s energy. The benefits of deploying such a system are evident if you stop and think about them. For example, businesses that use the SunQuest 250 reduce their energy consumption and utility bills.

Other benefits are also available by way of the following incentives:

  • Federal Taxes – Currently the federal government is offering a 30% tax incentive for companies willing to install solar thermal systems. If you are a business owner, you can use all the tax breaks you can get.
  • Government Grants – To help finance the installation of SunQuest 250 panels, or other similar systems, federal and state governments offer cash grants to help defray the costs. Remember that grant money is money that doesn’t need to be repaid.
  • Energy Credits – A solar thermal system is normally eligible for renewable energy credits. These credits apply directly to your annual tax liability at the state and federal levels.

A solar thermal system from Solar America typically pays for itself within 3 to 5 years. What’s more, the third-generation of solar thermal collector panels boast a 94% efficiency rating. There is simply no better way to harness the sun’s ultraviolet rays to provide hot water and space heating for your commercial or residential building.

When you install a solar thermal solution from Solar America, you will be saving money and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing your dependence on external energy sources, you are using fewer fossil fuels; fuels that increase greenhouse gases.

Whether you are building new or remodeling existing space, we encourage you to consider the Solar America SunQuest 250 solar thermal collector panels. They are a wise investment for any business, government agency, healthcare facility or educational institution.

Solar Thermal Energy Infographic

Solar Thermal Energy Infographic